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Knocker ball – get inside a bubble, knock your friends, and enjoy!

Knocker ball is also known as bubble soccer. The game has its origin in Norway. Because of the fun in the game the game spread around the world very quickly. People are loving those huge bubbles now.

So what is actually the Knocker Ball?

If you want to play knocker ball, quickly then get inside a big air bubble. Yes, in this game, you will be inside a big bubble filled with air, and will run along the field to hit the goals.

The game is quite funny and has less chances of injury. You can enjoy it a lot, you can hit your friends, can take flips, and a lot. But obviously, the game has to have some rules. This game also has.



The game has quite flexible rules in terms of timing and team. But ideally, the game is played with the team of 5 players.

Substitution of players is not allowed in-between, it is allowed just at the end of first half.

A ball is kept at the center of the both the teams. When the referee blows the whistle, everyone will rush to get the ball.

There are no offsides in the game.

So this is all about the interesting Knocker ball. You will enjoy running and hitting your friends, while inside a big air bubble.

Play knocker ball and make your time joyful.