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Knocker ball is so interesting as a national game

There is a knocker ball game which was invented by two people in the Norwegian in 2011, and it almost has been a national game in recent years. At that year, knocker ball was broadcast in the local television which name is golden goal. But knocker ball was just broadcast as a episode in that time, so it didn’t cause great repercussions.


In subsequent years, the knocker ball contest was held everywhere. Knocker ball was popular in the whole world. Goal is not the only aim in the knocker ball competition, it is hard to goal in the normal football contest originally, and it is even harder in the game with your hands fixed and body imprisoned. Because the hands are fixed on, so it can hardly balance yourself completely, but this is the reason why the knocker ball is so popular.With the protection of the bubble ball, so you don’t worry about being injured. In the process of the game, the competitor may come over and rub your ball and knock you over to make you out. Knocker ball is a worldwide popular sport and it has many functions. It can make children feel endless fun in children’ birthday party, the charm of knocker ball is huge for children. Knocker ball has a magical power which can promote the relationships between people whoever.