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Knocker Ball: Your Best Shot At Having A Great Time

There is nothing more exciting than playing knocker ball. This invention has been a great gift for many people who enjoy sporting. Knocker ball comes in different sizes to fit people of various heights; between 1.2 and 1.5 meters. If you have been avoiding games due to fear of injuries, knocker ball was certainly made for you. It gives you a feeling of confidence when playing, since you are assured of safety, no matter the outcome. Besides that, you get to enjoy running around and rolling as though you are on wheels.


Ever wished you could get to fall hard on the ground and laugh about it? Knocker ball sure does make this possible!Currently, knocker ball prices range from $249 to $319 for each piece. This is determined by the knocker ball brand you choose. You can purchase as a team to get a discount, or you can choose to rent at an hourly rate of between $300 and $375 depending on the size of your team. In case you rent them to play off-site, the hourly rate falls between $500 and $575. After purchase or renting, you can have the package shipped to your preferred location. Knocker ball prices are available online; check regularly to find out the promotions available.

Just like any other game, it is important to be physically ready to play knocker ball. It may look like an easy and harmless game, but if your body is not well prepared, you may end up injured. Make sure you do a little exercise before you get into the field. You should also make sure you go through the instructions to be safe.Knocker ball is so far the best sporting equipment. People play this game in all kinds of settings; team building trips, parties and family events among others. If you haven’t experienced the fun yet, get yourself a knocker ball and have the time of your life!