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Even though knocker ball soccer is one of the safest games that you and your family and friends can enjoy, there is one thing that might come in the way of that safety. The tear and holes that might cause deflation of your knocker ball soccer bubble. All inflatable objects are prone to be damaged. Maybe a sharp object or even someone’s carelessness. Whichever the cause, you should be able to have a quick and easy fix close to you. Considering that this is a bubble that you will be using in a rough game, you will need your solution to tear and possible deflation sticks and is able to hold the pressure that you will be subjected to in the game.


There are a couple of ways to repair knocker ball soccer bubbles. However, some don’t provide you with the required effect on the ball. The best fix will be easy to use, able to hold to the bubble without dropping off during a game and easy to get. There are simple and easy to use tapes and patches that are provided by different companies. The patches will be aggressive and tough while being totally flexible once they are carefully installed on your ball.

Tear aid Vinyl has been recognized as the best and easy way to repair knocker ball soccer bubbles in a short time. Tests and review that have been provided by people who have had experience with this easy solution, have not been disappointed. There are different companies that provide these tapes and patches at different prices. The best solution should be able to stretch as much as the ball and at the same time be rough enough to provide the same effect as the bubble. You can choose the patch from a wide range of colors to camouflage on your bubble.