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Tips to play knocker ball game you should know

Play Knocker ball also called as play bubble soccer is the most thrilling games which is generally played for fun. Possibly you had a feel of how this attracting game is played. Here you will know few of the useful tips on the methods to play knocker ball game. After you have obtained the grasp, you can proceed to the ground. Prior you study to play the game, get the rules. Every game like volleyball, soccer or even the scrabble, there are often rules to be pursued. Hence there are few of the main rules that preside over the knocker ball game.

knocker ball

There are no goalies, positions or trainers. There is no purposeful contact with the shoes or feet to the bubbles. Sharp materials are not permitted inside the bubble. There must be no contact done planned to another player with the things other than a bubble. About this, the rules are numerous however the main thing to consider is that if the conditions are not followed by the players that lead in reduction of the marks or the withdrawal of the gamer on a severe case.


Getting understood few of the main rules, simply such as the general football, the only variation is this game is the number of gamers that are lessened and the usage of bubble ball. To play knocker ball there must be three or four people from two sides and that creates a 6 or 8. The team fight or knock down with the target of getting the goal. If the teams get the goal, the ball is carried to the center and the gamers begin off again simply such as in the usual football. If there are rules which you are uncertain on these rules must be cleared with the referee prior beginning of the game.


The referee is liable for the bubble soccer game and they are also accountable for the safety of the players, conduct and timing at the time of playing knock ball game. Players are anticipated to conduct themselves in a method that is courteous to themselves, officials and other players. Good sportsman such as conduct is often liked. Any action deemed wrong by the referee will not be permitted. After giving a warning, a next offense will make a player to be denied from the game and the team will want to continue the game without that man. The players are liked to be game prepared ten minutes before to the scheduled time. The teams must get there a minimum of ten minutes prior the game time.

Own risk:

There is no restriction to the number of players which can be on a team. Alterations are permitted at the first half end. Perfectly the games will be played with the five teams. If there are not ten people to play knock ball game, it can be played by the even number of gamers. It is good to talk with the referee if there are below ten people. The referee will stop the game for any injury he thinks it required. If there is any injury to the player, he should inform the referee. This is a game at your own risk and players will be needed to sign the acknowledgement of risk.